Cafes - Marketown

Our newest café is at Marketown. The food is delicious! Come in and chat to our friendly staff about the always fresh, seasonal menu. We serve breakfast and lunch all day!

The best accompaniment for cake and pastry is a quality coffee or tea. Our distinctive combination of beans is prepared by local company Peaberry’s, and we serve a selection of premium fragrant teas from T2.

Choose from our large range of cakes, small delectable, and pastries, and pick up your fresh sourdough: all baked daily.

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Breakfast / Brunch menu [all day]

Sourdough or Fruit Toast$6.50

w. Vegemite l Honey l Peanut Butter l Seasonal Jam

Honey Roasted Muesli Jars$12.50

greek yoghurt, poached fruit, almond clusters

Egg & Bacon Roll$14.00

brioche, aioli, BBQ, baby spinach

Spicy Mexican$22.00

chorizo, avocado, corn fritter, coriander, spicy tomato relish

Avocado Toast$14.00

lemon, feta, sourdough


seasonal jam, double cream

Pulled Pork Roll$15.00

slaw, red thai mayonnaise, crispy onion, brioche, fries

Beef Burger$16.00

sliced tomato, beetroot relish, aioli, BBQ, lettuce, fried egg, brioche, fries

Berry Chia Jars$14.00

vanilla yoghurt, berries, berry compote

Eggs Your Way$12.00

poached, scrambled or fried on sourdough


tomato | feta | labna $4.50
shaved ham | smoked salmon $5.00
avocado dipped in dukkah $4.00
gluten free toast ~ add $3

Banana Bread$6.50

lemon curd

Ham & Cheese Croissant$8.50

Savoury Tart$14.00

tomato, feta, olive, salad - seasonally inspired

Sandwiches and quesadillas

Smoked Chicken Sandwich$13.00

sun dried tomato, basil aioli, aged english cheddar

Double Smoked Ham Sandwich$13.00

whole grain mustard, pickles, mozzarella

Chicken Caesar Wrap$13.00

poached chicken, herb croutons, cos lettuce, crispy bacon, parmesan

Greek Salad Sandwich$13.00

roasted capsicum, mozzarella, olive, basil pesto, tomato

Slow Braised Beef Sandwich$13.00

caramelised onion, cream cheese, roasted capsicum

Coffee / Tea / Drinks


small $4.00 | large $4.60
doppio | decaf | syrup | soy | almond milk $0.75

Chai Latte$4.00+

small $4 | large $4.60

T2 Tea$4.50

earl grey | english breakfast | chai | peppermint
lemongrass & ginger | chamomile | detox | sencha green



chocolate | caramel | strawberry | vanilla | salted caramel
malt | thick add $0.50
kids size $4.50

Banana Smoothie$7.50

banana, honey

Iced Coffee / Iced Chocolate$7.00

Soft Drinks$4.00

coke | coke zero | lemonade | ginger beer | limonata

Parkers Bottled Organic Drinks$4.50

Sparkling Mineral Water$5.00


Mt Franklin Still Water$3.50

Snacks [all day]

No items found.

Salads and light meals

Balsamic Roasted Beetroot Salad$16.50

quinoa, feta, almonds & seeds

Asian Pulled Pork Salad$18.00

wombok slaw, crispy noodles, miso ginger dressing, cucumber, pickled ginger, spiced peanuts

Cajun Smoked Salmon Salad$18.00

roast sweet potato, fennel, pickled cauliflower, greens, capers, sour cream ranch dressing

Marinated Poached Chicken Salad$18.00

cherry tomato, herb croutons, greens, red onion, honey mustard vinaigrette

Kid's Menu

No items found.