About Snows

About Snows


Sure, we are famous for our luscious cakes and pastries, and for a delightful assortment of small delectable treats, but our cafes offer fabulous menus shaped around select seasonal produce, and Snows artisan bakers craft an inspiring range of original sourdough breads using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients.

This is the tried and true foundation for our delicious range of hand-finished products.

Jason Cox has a passion that began with the warming smells and delicious food that was so carefully prepared in his mother’s kitchen. She just loved to cook, and now he celebrates life by breaking bread with a much bigger family. Jason returned from a stint in London in 1996 and knew he had to share the lessons in hospitality that began for him as a child. He started Snows. He became a wholesaler of cakes and desserts, delivering to cafés and restaurants throughout Newcastle, and over time his product range grew to boast quality sourdough breads. These days a whole community can enjoy the flavours and delicious products from Snows.

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Gourmet Meals

We love food. That means you always get distinctive food at Snows cafés where the menus are designed around carefully chosen seasonal produce.

Our philosophy? Keep it simple and highlight natural flavours.

Snows cafés serve breakfast and lunch everyday. Come join us for a meal! Go to our café sections and find out which café best suits your needs.

Specialty Cakes

We know the art. We make special cakes.

We will design the perfect cake for that moment you don’t want to forget. Your wedding, birthday, baby shower, or christening deserves one of our enticing creations. They are hand made the old fashioned way using the most select ingredients… our cakes really are special. Call us or visit our online store to place an order.

Tortes and Tarts

We make a selection of exquisite signature cakes, tortes, tarts, flourless, layered and cheesecakes in small and large sizes.

Our distinctive variety of classic, modern and seasonal flavours include orange, dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut, passionfruit, caramel, honeycomb, pecan, citrus, banana and seasonal fruit.

Be tempted by the mouth-watering range in store, or place orders online here.

Small Delectables and Pastries

Sample the tiny delights! There’s slice, biscotti, small tarts, florentines, muffins, shortbread, cookies and much more. Of course, we can’t leave out our famous pastries and croissants, and watch out for Ginger Bread Houses and Christmas Pudding over the festive season, Hot Cross Buns at Easter, and other special goodies throughout the year.

Macarons and Cookies

Snows enchanting macarons come in a rainbow of unique flavours and colours. Stay tuned for specialty releases throughout the year.


Every fresh and crusty loaf is carefully prepared over three days, and contains only natural ingredients – flour, water, malt and salt. We use no preservatives, and no commercial yeast.

Come in and choose from the classic plain, yummy pumpkin, five seed or fruit loaf. Our bread is available in baguette, vienna, and traditional tin loaves.